Sweating and pho  

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I sweat like a pig eating pho even in a nice air conditioned restaurant. Would love to go and eat pho in all that heat and humidity in VN.

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Oh that's the joy of eating pho. Vietnamese people live in the heat and humidity, so you'll have some catching up to do and get used to. I can assure you though, the experience of having a bowl of pho at those street stalls and vendors can be life changing.

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Haha most Viet people don't complain because we know it wouldnt do any good. But that's the joy of street foods, otherwise there are plenty of air conditioned restaurants in Saigon.


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I've eaten pho on the side of the streets in VN many times, and it's actually an awesome experience. Sure it's hot/humid but it's really not that bad. If a vendor is willing to go through the trouble and inconvenience to offer you cheap and great tasting food on the side of the road then I have nothing to complain about. Many other customers eating at these spots surely agree.

Plus if sweating helps cool you down so there's that benefit.


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