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Organic and locally sourced ingredients  

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It seems like the food industry marketing machines always come up with new things/ways to describe foods or ingredients in order to help sell even more food, and restaurants industry is no exception. Restaurants always come up with new ways to advertise and make new noises to help attract customers.

With the new hypes about organic ingredients and locally sourced ingredients, I'm just wondering if there are restaurants that actually succeeded in doing this year in year out without negative impact to their business operation. It seems a lot of trouble to go out to a local farm, if there is even one to be found, and buy what they have. Then what about stuff that can't be produced locally or can only be available during spring and summer months?

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This organic movement, while with good intention, is a real challenge for most restaurants I think. The problem, for a given restaurant, is not all recipes were designed for the limited and more costly organic ingredients. Unless the restaurateur constantly looks for organic sources, most of the time what he/she needs are just not available, or too costly to use sustainably.

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For me I'm not willing to pay extra for "organic" pho if there's even such a thing. Most of the time, they only have one or 2 ingredients that are actually organic, the rest are not.

Interestingly, most pho in VN is probably organic especially in the smaller indie shops IMO.