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Change menu based on one customer's input

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This past weekend I went to a pho place in town with a couple friends. Generally I like to either sit at a table that allows me a wide observation of the dining room in action, or closer to the counter to observe the staff. On this occasion a customer came up to the counter to pay and made some suggestions about new dishes the restaurant should add to the menu before another restaurant has them.

Now I don't know if these are items that have been suggested before to the restaurant, but the person at the counter (probably either the owener herself or a trusted manager) replied that they will add them. Not that they will consider it, but straight away that they will add them.

I thought this is odd, since the suggested dishes are not what I'd consider "popular" or well known Viet dishes for the North American market. One was ca kho to (Caramelized & Braised Catfish) and Banh cuon (a sort of rice noodle sheets roll with fillings inside, similar to Mexican taquitos but steamed and not fried). My personal opinion is the restaurant owner should think carefully about adding new things just to satisfy one or a few customers. What are your opinions?

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