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Best way to make pho with xi quach ?(inspired by your xi quach post)

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So... that xi quach post got me craving some home made xi quach myself. I can make pretty good pho bo at home, but does someone have suggestions and tips for making xi quach pho at home?

Thank you!

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Cuong Huynh
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@ng_thao_65 Adding xi quach to pho is pretty easy though there are a few things to pay attention to. Generally, xi quach just means adding beef bones (with soft tissues still attached, not totally trimmed off) and simmer to tender. This is similar to making BBQ ribs where the meat falls off the bone, but through simmering in water instead of using just heat.

The process is pretty much the same, but you do want to parboil the bones more thoroughly since there are more impurities to remove compared to just cleaned leg bones.

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If you're already making good beef pho at home then I'd suggest buying some ribs (can be expensive), neck bones, or shank. I've experimented with traditional simmering, and also with both pressure cooking and sous-vide, and while each has its own goodness, any of these methods will you tender fall-off the bone xi quach. And remember: always use the resulting stock in your broth! It's delish.


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