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Do you train how to make Pho?

Yes, definitely. Training on how to make pho properly and profitably is a key in ensuring a pho restaurant’s success. Pho making training may encompass any or all of the following area:

  • Pho recipe development and design to ensure you reach your cost goals, then maintaining cost throughout production cycles.
  • Help hire and train owner and/or staff on techniques to make pho in large production.
  • Process: Create a pho making process that maintains food quality, employee safety and operator’s profit margin.
  • Equipment & layout: For new kitchen, design floor plan and select the right equipment to accommodate the production process and the service process. Or for an existing operation, design a process to maximize utilization of existing equipment and layout.
  • Implement a buying program to ensure product quality, food cost, and availability are in line with business goals.
  • Implement an inventory system to make sure your pho making is supported 100% of the time.

Do you have an inventory list that you are willing to sell?

No I neither sell an inventory list (list of ingredients) nor an off-the-shelf inventory software system. However, what I do is to coach pho restaurant owners how to build their own inventory system based on their own restaurant’s needs, layout, menu/recipes, and the way they work. This would include:

  • Assessing the recipes and their ingredients.
  • Analyzing prep and cooking procedures.
  • Designing a) an inventory system that includes locations of storage for each item, and b) a process to regularly and efficiently do inventory of all items.
  • Designing inventory flow from product ordering to product delivery acceptance; through inspection, rejection and storage; through FIFO (first in, first out) guidelines, through pulling products for prep and final service.
  • Using inventory information to increase the restaurant’s profitability.


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