Pop up pho service or ghost pho restaurant?  

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Hi Cuong,

What are your views about either pop-up pho business or a ghost restaurant for pho? Appreciate any thoughts on business pros and cons.

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For me, these are just different business models that try to achieve the same thing as in any other restaurant business. That is, to serve food to the public and making profit while doing it. As in ANY business, it boils down to the execution, how well you do what you do.

We all know that pho can sell well in many markets across North America. The difference between good selling pho and not so good sell pho includes factors involving quality, price, convenience, customer service and the general experience a customer has when buying and eating your food.

Is there a reason you want to focus on these specific ways to sell food?

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I don't think pop-up and ghost restaurants are good long-term business models. The latter may become a good revenue making business for someone for maybe several years but not much longer beyond that. Pop-ups are not really sustainable.


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