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Making pho broth overnight with no one in attendant?

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Hi Cuong: I heard during conversation with friends about how long some pho restaurants make their broths. Some even cook it overnight with no one taking care of the pot (everyone goes home for the night). And when they come in the morning the pho broth is done. Is this what people actually do or my friends are pulling my leg? Seems like a real fire hazard to me.

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Cuong Huynh
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Different restaurants use different recipes and cooking methods/procedures. What you're describing, unfortunately, is a reality that I try to discourage pho owners from doing. Fire hazard and fire safety are exactly the potential problems that can, and most probably will, occur.

I guess in the name of pho quality, people do this so they can brag about it. In my opinion, there are plenty of restaurants that make great pho without this overnight, unattended cooking stunt and still sell a ton of pho day in day out. So people who do this are really taking unnecessary risks for themselves and their businesses. And by the way, this practice is definitely against health and fire department regulations.

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Wow is this a thing that pho restaurants do when they close for the night? Unbelievable. I'd never keep my stove on while I'm away from my house for 8+ hours.

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Sadly this is true. There are pho restaurants that do this. Of course it's their business and they can do what they want. But when a food business knowingly breaks one or more health and safety regulations for the sake of making money, I'm not confident that they actually do follow any other regulations either.

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I think leaving your burner on all night with no one in attendance is stupid. Aside from breaking all kinds of fire and safety codes, people who do this are playing Russian roulette with their business. If they do this everyday (which means 365 times a year) or even every other day (182 times a year), the probability of something bad happening will catch up with them sooner than later.