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March 2009

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Global Pho: Pho Franchises Around the World

March 31, 2009

Vietnamese pho franchises going global with “Pho-nomenon.” Witness current top pho franchises such as Pho Hoa, Pho Que Huong, Pho 24, Pho Empire, and Pho & Grill.

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Ten Pho Recipes from Around the Web

March 27, 2009

Want to make your own pho? Great! Here are ten pho recipes you can try your hands at. Be advised that when it comes to making pho, experience is key because you need to know if what you just made tastes right or not.

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Andrea Nguyen – America’s Vietnamese Kitchen (and Pho) Expert

March 24, 2009

Andrea Nguyen is a source of pho knowledge. She commands an excellent website and blog about pho and other Vietnamese cuisine, with recipes and tips that are easy to follow and enjoy.

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Pho Hoa Thai: Bay Area Pho

March 19, 2009

Having just moved to the Berkeley Area I was eager to get my first Pho fix. There is Vietnamese food on every other corner around here, although many of them don’t have Pho, or if they do it’s not what they are known for.  So I fired up Yelp and looked for a place nearby […]

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