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Question on making hu tieu at home

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Hi there,

I'm not Vietnamese but I love pho but also think hu tieu is quite delicious too. It seems there are a variety of hu tieu styles served at restaurants and I like most of the different hu tieu I tried. Can someone provide some easy tips to make hu tieu at home. Hu tieu seems a bit (maybe a lot) simpler to make than pho, so wanting to try my hand at it.

Thanks in advance.

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Hu tieu is much simpler to make than pho. For the broth you should use pork bones and meat, sometime squid and other seafood/shell fish; for extra goodness also add ground pork to serve with the broth later. For the noodle use the same banh pho used in pho (though some may call it banh hu tieu). With heavy Chinese and Cambodian influence, you can also substitute (or even serve together) egg noodle or the more chewy tapioca noodle (the clear type). For protein toppings it would be mostly thinly sliced pork, shrimp or even fresh or imitation crab meat, plus a variety of Vietnamese style protein balls like beef balls, fish balls, shrimp balls. For garnishing, one of the ingredients that immediate differentiate hu tieu from other Viet noodle is the use of hẹ (chives).

Sorry this is not meant to be a detailed recipe, but it should give you a good picture of how easy hu tieu can be made at home. You can google for many good hu tieu recipes. A good place to start maybe hu tieu Nam Vang.

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Hey @coffeeboyvv: I don't have a hu tieu recipe handy but you should be able to find a good recipe online. Stay with more well known authors and you should be good. Note that instead of beef and beef bones, for hu tieu you would use pork and pork bones. instead, as @tripe4meplzz already mentioned.

Also my post on hu tieu may help. /pho-opinion-editorial/hu-tieu-noodles-and-hu-tieu-soup-noodle-dish/

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It's quite straightforward. Just use pork bones as already suggested in other replies. Also you can add Viet-style dried shrimps and/or dried squid to add real nice deep flavors to the pork bone broth.

For protein toppings, you can do a lot of things. If you can make or buy Char Siu (Chinese BBQ Pork) then that would be delicious in hu tieu; just slide it thin and serve as topping.

Two other things you can't forget: 1) use banh pho noodle and Chinese egg noddle (separately or together is good either way), and 2) Chinese Chives (flat leaf) – Hẹ which takes hu tieu flavor up to where it should be. Hope this helps.