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3 questions about a business plan?

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Hi, I'd like to create a plan for our (me and my brother) new pho restaurant concept. We have done sandwich shop before but not anymore. I would like your opinions on the following:

  1. Floor plan. I understand how important it is to have lots of detail in the business plan, but it's difficult in the early stage when we don't have a specific space yet. So how best to describe the operation in the business plan when there is no location (therefore no floor plan) yet?
  2. Financial projection. We don't need outside funding so there'll be no bankers or investors needed. But we'll have to show the landlord our plan. Can you provide some tips on how we should do the financial projection and how much we should show the landlord?
  3. Lease negotiation. I've read elsewhere you mentioned that you recommend using the bp to negotiate lease deals with the landlord. Can you explain this a bit more?

Thank you in advance.

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