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ServSafe certificate question  

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Hi: How important is it to get a ServSafe certificate if I plan to open a pho restaurant? Is it required to open? If it is required, then what is the best way to obtain it? Thanks.

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Most if not all U.S. health departments require ServSafe certificates for all food workers.

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@ispeakpho Like @eatbanhmi said, almost all health departments in the US require ServSafe certificates especially for owners and managers at the ServSafe for Manager level. My personal take on this is if you're operating a foodservice business, then you'll want to understand and practice good food safety rules anyway. And the certification will give you this as the minimum knowledge to help you stay out of trouble.

Additionally, I'd encourage all restaurant owners to provide their staff (non-managerial levels) ServSafe training for food handlers.

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I did take a ServSafe class online and it was very helpful. There are lots of food safety rules that a casual consumer would never know a restaurant has to deal with.


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