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Need help creating pho restaurant business plan

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Hi: Can you give some info on how I can get a business plan for new pho restaurant? Thanks.

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Cuong Huynh
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I'm sure you can find guidance on how to do business plans all over the Internet. Here I'll mention a few things I think you need to consider before starting your pho restaurant business plan (BP).

  • Purpose of business plan.
    Do you plan to actually use it, or is it just for investors, bank loan, or landlord review. The answer to these will determine how you should do your BP.
  • Who will actually write the BP.
    Do you need help with writing the plan or do you just need guidance and write it yourself.
  • Do you want to include pro forma.
    The pro forma or financial projection is a standard part of a BP.  But in some situations it may be omitted or not needed. 
  • Time to create the BP.
    How much time do you have to create the BP. Most people wait until they NEED a BP (like when requested by the landlord or banker) and try to rush to create one, which is a formula for disaster. It's best to spend good amount of time and think about how you'll conduct your business and write it down.

Hope this helps. Feel free to ask if you have further question. If you need to discuss the detail and obtain assistance to create a business plan, then you can book a session with me to discuss via this link /pho-restaurant-business-plan/

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Just my humble observation and opinion: I'm wondering whether these people who asked overly general and generic questions just one time and then ghosted and never replied to anything or even appreciate anyone who may have tried to help them. Opening a pho restaurant, or any restaurant, is a complex endeavor, and I'm pretty sure you can't just ask a single question and get anything out of the answer.