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How To Open Your Own Pho Restaurant Business

Cuong Huynh Pho restaurant consultant

Hello, I'm Cuong Huynh, marketing and pho restaurant consultant.

I specialize in helping entrepreneurs open and run their own pho restaurants.

I publish LovingPho.com since 2009 to help pho restaurateurs make profits.

For the aspiring restaurateurs like yourself, I will provide assistance in all phases of developing, designing, construction, training, opening and sustaining operation of a healthy, profit-making pho restaurant business.

Ladle and bowl: Pho restaurant consultant for your pho business

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I will help you through these two important phases to successfully open and run a pho restaurant:

1. The upfront planning

2. The flawless execution

Concept design, business plan

Financial analysis and pro forma

Branding and logo design

Kitchen design and floor plan

Recipe, menu engineering, product cost calculation

Marketing, advertising and social media strategies

Kitchen equipment selection and installation

Vendor/supplier management, inventory control

Pho broth cooking/storing/serving

Customer service training

Marketing (website/online/mobile)

Grand opening preparation, ongoing operation


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Lovingpho.com is the business source for Vietnamese pho, pho restaurants, and pho business profit.