Updated 02-09-19. I recently did a commissioned mural of a busy Saigon pho restaurant dining room in the middle of the day. It was about 6 feet in length.

The composition had a lot of potentials so I made it into a long mural which I want to share here. The original scene was extended at both ends to cover a longer wall such as in a restaurant or a public space. Designed for a size of 53 feet long by 10 feet high, it can be used as is for any space with similar 5.3:1 ratio, or it can be customized to any other dimensions.

For a closer look at the detail, hover over the image below to zoom if you're on a desktop, or drag if you're on a tablet.

Pho Restaurant Wall Mural: Eating Pho In Saigon Pho Restaurant

Just to have some fun with it, and for a more immersive experience, I made the short video below to include ambient noise of a busy pho restaurant plus the familiar and beloved Saigon street sounds of traffic, mopeds and honking.

Here are a couple of dining room mockups used for proposals and presentation to clients.

Hope you enjoy this latest mural design. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

For those not familiar, beside doing what I do with pho and pho restaurant here on lovingpho.com, I'm also a professional artist. Check out my portfolio of storyboards for films, ads/commercials, and music videos, and other creative work at www.cthcreative.com. Hope you find the projects interesting.

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