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  1. Cuong Huynh 7 June, 2012 at 16:09 Reply

    Hi Bud: Nước mắm or nuoc mam. It is fish sauce and the basis for many dipping sauce mixes used in Vietnamese cuisine.

    In its purest form, nuoc mam or fish sauce is a condiment that is derived from sea products (anchovies, squid, crab, etc.) that have been allowed to ferment. Literally, “nước” means liquid or sauce, and “mắm” means a sort of fermented fish-, squid- or shrimp-based, thick and saucy substance or paste often used to enhance food flavors through mixing or dipping.

    For a pronunciation of nuoc mam, visit the post Pronunciation of Pho and Other Vietnamese Words and Phrases, Part 2 and go to number 7 to hear the audio.

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