Floor Plans and Layouts
For Restaurants and Commercial Kitchens

Do you have an architect, but the restaurant floor plan
isn't going as smoothly as you'd prefer?

Maybe you're spending way too much time developing
the floor plan for your commercial kitchen?

Or maybe you're starting out but
are not sure where to begin?

To save you time and money, I will help draft your floor plan quickly and accurately as you envision. Your architect can then use it to finalize and submit your package.

Fast. Efficient. Professionally Done!

For Restaurant Operators

  • I translate your vision into floor plans with equipment specs, process flows and procedures, and install locations
  • You hand off the floor plan to your architect.
  • Your architect draws the plan according to what works for your business, create the official drawings, review with you, and submit.

Your Floor Plan Done Right.
Quickly. Professionally. Accurately.

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Consultation in Vietnamese and English.

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