Pho 79 on Hazard Avenue in Little Saigon - Still Good and Dependable Pho

 There is an update to this article at  Pho 79 Revisited.

Pho 79 signUpdated 01-03-15. There are a number of Pho 79s within Little Saigon in Orange County CA, with many more in adjacent cities and even out of state. Pho 79 is a popular name since many Viet arrived in the U.S. in 1979, plus many restaurants opened in Little Saigon in 1979 as well. My first bowls of pho in Little Saigon were actually at this Pho 79. There were very few pho restaurants in existence back then, and those in business were always packed with Vietnamese slurping their pho like there was no tomorrow.

But I haven't been back here in at least 10 years! Can you imagine that? Not that I stopped eating pho. Far from it. Maybe because this particular place seems less convenient to get to than many newly open pho shops - it's tucked away behind a strip mall.

Maybe it looks too rundown and tired and old compared to the more hip looking places with shiny colors and lights. But I'm a marketing guy, and I should know that it's not always about the look on the outside. It's the content that matters.

So I decided to pay Pho 79 a visit. And I was not disappointed. If you want good pho at great price without the frills, don't overlook Pho 79. Its pho is very good. The meat tastes great as does most everything else in my bowl. The sprouts, basil and culantro are of peak freshness, while the broth and noodle itself are just right for me.

Pho 79 on Hazard Avenue Little Saigon

Pho 79 on Hazard Avenue Little Saigon

Pho bo (beef pho) at Pho 79

Pho bo (beef: rare, well-done brisket, tripe) at Pho 79

June 1, 2009

Pho bo (beef: rare, well-done brisket, tripe).

  • Pho noodle: (5/5)
  • Soup stock: (5/5)
  • Meats: (5/5)
  • Garnishes*: freshness (5/5)
  • Garnishes: extra point for fresh ngo gai (3/5)
  • Price: Baseline ($5-7), no extra points or deductions.
  • Extra points: +3 for cleanliness, considering the establishment's age.
  • Total points: 26 out of possible 25 (due to extra points).

* No points for expected garnishes of sprouts, Thai basil, lime and chiles.

Pho 79 (Little Saigon, Orange County, CA)
9941 Hazard Avenue, Garden Grove 92844








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Đoàn Vinh
Đoàn Vinh
4 years ago

August 04,2015: 1/ Long 11 khi lấy order từ khách hàng,không biết có bị điếc hay không mà cứ hỏi lại cái gì, cái gì? Nghe có vẻ không được lịch sự với khách hàng. 2/Khi khách hàng đang ngồi ăn thì mấy người đi dọn bàn quăng dục bát đũa kêu loảng xoảng, làm như muốn đuổi khách. 3/Cũng khi khách đang ngồi ăn thì mấy ông Mễ nhào vô chào mời mua dâu,mua xoải. 4/ Rau húng quế và rau cải cúc còn gọi là tần ô để ăn phở hoặc hủ tíu thì đã khô héo. Trên… Read more »

4 years ago

The service at Pho 79 is atrocious. Doesn’t matter how good the pho is, I won’t ever go back there again just because of the horrible customer service I experienced there. I asked for some extra ngo gai and the server looks me in the face and snaps at me that I already have some right there and like I should be grateful I even got some…turns around as if I offended him and leaves. Damned near lost my temper and chewed his ass out in front of the whole restaurant. The pho isn’t THAT good to put up with… Read more »

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