Sourcing banh mi or bake your own banh mi?  

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Hi: I am convinced that, at the right volume, banh mi can give you higher margin than pho as a dish, with many other operational benefits as well. So my question is, how do I decide whether I should buy banh mi from a bakery or to bake my own. I have good experience working in commercial kitchen (in non-Viet restaurants).

Any input is appreciated.

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Unless you have experience with baking bread, you really don't want to bake your own. It looks easy but it's not, and your restaurant volume alone won't support it.


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Banh mi can give you better margin than pho, but also banh mi sells better as day part/on-the-go meal item while dinner sale can be much weaker. So you'll want to factor this into your planning. As @ls-nguyen45 mentioned it's unlikely you'll set up your own baking operation, so you're at the mercy of the local bakery. Clearly banh mi having higher margins alone is not enough.


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Making Viet-style/French bread at home is fairly easy but from my experience it's not that easy to make in bulk if you haven't done enough time to gain the experience.


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In general I advice against making your own Viet-style baguette/banh mi bread unless your concept and business plan really need it and call for it, namely: you need high volume, you have baking experience, you require quality level that other bakery can't provide.

If you're not located in an area with a good banh mi bakery as a source, then this may also be a good reason. However, the other elements should still apply.

Having a good understanding of your own need and the reasons behind it will help you decide what steps to take.


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