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Here's something many new restaurant operators don't realize.

Operating a pho restaurant is nothing like cooking and serving pho in your home kitchen to family and friends.

Opening and operating a new pho restaurant to successfully serve the public not only takes some good conception (ideas plus designs), but also a whole lot of flawless execution.

Of course you need great ideas and designs. But if you execute well, then your new restaurant has a high chance for success. On the other hand, if you execute poorly, regardless of ideas and designs, your new restaurant will more than likely go nowhere.

Execution is literally everything. This is the reason it is the primary focus of my Pho Restaurant Consulting services.

I can help you develop ideas, concepts, and designs. Then I will guide you in executing and making them a reality in the most efficient ways possible.

With my guidance, you'll be able to confidently

  • Create and validate ideas and concepts, 
  • Formulate and develop solid and competitive designs, and then 
  • Execute on a well organized plan toward grand opening and beyond for a long-term, profitable and stable operation.

Depending on whether you're a startup or an existing operator, below are typical areas that I will help you implement for your business.


End-to-end coaching to design, build, open and run a new pho restaurant successfully and profitably.


Create strong and unique concept with fresh vision, solid brand development, credible financial performance and feasibility, competitive and operational strategies.

  • Business plan, concept design
  • Financial analysis, pro forma
  • Vision refinement and branding
  • Menus, recipes, food cost calculation
  • Kitchen and floor plan design
  • Marketing, advertising strategies

Execution & OPERATION

State-of-the-art system for efficient and consistent operation, procedures, inventory, staffing, customer service, and profit generation potentials.

  • Equipment selection, installation
  • Vendor selection, inventory control
  • Pho broth production, storage
  • FOH/BOH hiring and training
  • Marketing offline and online
  • Opening and sustained operation


À la carte solutions to remedy specific operational issues, increase efficiency and improve bottom line.


Grow business through modernization, performance improvement, optimization of existing systems, increased revenue streams, and waste reduction.

  • System and operational review 
  • Improve and modernize key operations
  • Remove and replace things that don't work
  • Implement prioritized high payback items
  • Menus, recipes, food costs
  • Marketing, advertising strategies


Implement standard practices and innovative solutions to rectify under- or non-performing operations. Then track and maintain performance for sustained growth.

  • Identification and evaluation of the problems
  • Management accountability and commitment
  • Unified operational systems and management tools
  • Staff onboarding, training and retraining
  • Process and procedures for quality control 
  • Sales-building and marketing initiatives


How you get your questions answered or issues resolved depends on the nature, complexity and urgency of your project, your budget, time/schedule, and various other factors that are unique to each situation.


Below are several ways to get help that don't cost you anything.

  • Post your questions in the comment section at the bottom of any article on lovingpho.com and receive answers there.
  • ​Join and post questions in the Pho Forums.
  • Pros
    • No cost
    • Suitable for quick, easy topics
  • Cons
    • All discussions are public
    • May take several days to receive answers
    • Not suitable for complex or more involved topics


Paid consulting allows extremely customizable solutions for your unique situation and challenges, with top priority one-on-one coaching at the time that you need it.

  • OPTION 1: Book a one-hour paid consultation for over-the-phone discussion if you're in the U.S. or Canada, or via Zoom or UberConference audio/video if you're outside of North America. Use form below to book an appointment.
  • OPTION 2: Book a 5-hour consultation package which can be scheduled in multiple one- and two-hour sessions over a 2 weeks period.
  • OPTION 3: For full-service, end-to-end support, choose a retainer consultation agreement to cover the complete design-build-open-operate pho restaurant cycle. Option 3 is available only to those already gone through Options 1 and 2.
  • Pros
    • Get up to speed much faster than on your own, while avoiding common mistakes made by others
    • Prioritized and customized solutions to solved your specific complex startup challenges
    • Daily or weekly coaching sessions depending on your needs
    • Near real-time responses and support during business hours and evenings, even weekends and holidays
    • On-site visits, coaching, training during all phases of opening cycle
  • Cons
    • None, considering that an inexperienced owner will pay a lot more in 1) cost of lack of knowledge and poor decision-making, 2) cost of repeating avoidable mistakes already made by many others, and 3) opportunity costs caused by 1) and 2).



For more in-depth discussion and coaching, you can book the 5-hour consultation package.

Consultation in Vietnamese and/or English as you prefer.

You will be booking in your local time zone, based on location of device you’re using.
My location is San Diego, CA, USA (Pacific Time Zone (PT), Western US).

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