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Pho Restaurant Consulting


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End-to-end coaching to successfully design, build, open and run a new pho restaurant profitably.


Create strong and unique concept with fresh vision, solid brand development, credible financial performance and feasibility, competitive and operational strategies.

  • Business plan, concept design
  • Financial analysis, pro forma
  • Vision refinement and branding
  • Menus, recipes, food cost calculation
  • Kitchen and floor plan design
  • Marketing, advertising strategies

Execution & OPERATION

State-of-the-art system for efficient and consistent operation, procedures, inventory, staffing, customer service, and profit generation potentials.

  • Equipment selection, installation
  • Vendor selection, inventory control
  • Pho broth production, storage
  • FOH/BOH hiring and training
  • Marketing offline and online
  • Opening and sustained operation


À la carte solutions to remedy operational issues, increase efficiency and improve bottom line.


Grow business through modernization, performance improvement, optimization of existing systems, increased revenue streams, and waste reduction.

  • System and operational review 
  • Improve and modernize key operations
  • Remove and replace things that don't work
  • Implement prioritized high payback items
  • Menus, recipes, food costs
  • Marketing, advertising strategies


Implement standard practices and innovative solutions to rectify under- or non-performing operations. Then track and maintain performance for sustained growth.

  • Identification and evaluation of the problems
  • Management accountability and commitment
  • Unified operational systems and management tools
  • Staff onboarding, training and retraining
  • Process and procedures for quality control 
  • Sales-building and marketing initiatives

Ready to take your idea or operation to the next level?

Book a 1/2 Hour FREE consultation to discuss.

Consultation in Vietnamese and English.

P.S.: The half-hour consultation is free of charge. It's my way of helping promote pho, the same reason I created lovingpho.com in the first place.

P.P.S.: I guarantee you'll learn things about pho restaurant business that you can't get anywhere else during the free half-hour consultation. You have nothing to lose but a wealth of knowledge to gain.

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