Beef Pho Recipe Infographic By Lovingpho

Updated 06-20-19. Here's Lovingpho's own beef pho recipe in infographic form. This beef pho recipe yields about 10 quarts, which is about 13 regular size bowls you can typically get at most pho restaurants. With this size, you can make it once, enjoy it, and have plenty of leftover to freeze for quick pho anytime later.

It's quite easy to scale up or down depending on your desired size. Just do straight linear scaling and you can't go wrong. Of course, you can adjust any element to customize to your own taste. Let me know what you think, and leave a comment below.

Pho bo recipe infographic by




  1. Carla 12 February, 2022 at 20:05 Reply

    OMG thank you for this!!! I’m definitely going to try to make this next weekend….one question though….how do you prepare tripe? ive been looking all over online and some people say boil it for a few seconds, other say for the last hour before the pho is done, some say boil it WITH the soup, others say a separate pot for a few minutes??? Is it already cooked when you buy it? Whats the vietnamese name for it or whats it called in the stores? Ive only cooked the honey comb like tripe before and that one usually takes hours to soften up. The tripe ive had with my pho has been in restaurants so I would love to re-create it. Thanks again for this super informative site

    • Cuong Huynh 10 March, 2022 at 12:44 Reply

      @Carla: Apologize for chelate reply. The Vietnamese term for “tripe” in pho is “sách”. Most tripe bought from Asian markets should have been through the bleaching and boiling process. So they have been cooked. However cooking (or recooking) before serving is always advised. You can check this forum post for Prep and cook suggestion for tripe. Repeated below are the main steps:


      – Boil up water in a pot (pot size depends on how much you’re cooking).
      – Boil the tripe (cut to better fit the pot if preferred).
      – Five to 10 minute boil should be good.
      – Strain, rinse and let cool to whatever temperature comfortable for slicing or storing in cooler for later use.


      – Slice the tripe into thin strips, as thin or even thinner than the pho noodle is good.
      – Some people like thicker pieces, so it’s really your preference.


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