Biggest Bowl of Pho I Ever Had: North York, Toronto

Well Toronto Canada beats everybody else on the quantity front. The biggest bowl of pho bo I ever had was in Toronto while visiting my sister-in-law in September 2006. It was a small, cozy and clean place in a local strip mall a few blocks from her home.

I've had "train-size" and even "aircraft carrier size" pho before but this was the king. I'm still wondering where they found the bowl that size! I always order pho bo tai, chin, sach option and this occasion was no exception. Anyway the quality was acceptable, just average, but the quantity was top notch. I'll apply our rating system when available. Enjoy the photo.

Kiem Bo Vietnamese Restaurant‎
3685 Keele Street
North York, ON M3J 3H6, Canada
(416) 635-9317


  1. Cuong Huynh 10 September, 2009 at 12:57 Reply

    Yeah Pho Garden started something that’s probably hard to beat. And it’s a amazing that anyone can actually finish eating such volume. I’m glad the restaurant started it because they can brand this thing in so many different ways to get the buzz going. In the end though the pho has to be good, so it’s on my list for my next trip to SF (to check out the pho, not to try to finish the bowl 😉

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