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Looking To Open Your Own Pho Restaurant?

Welcome to Lovingpho.com, the information resource for
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Hello, my name is Cuong Huynh, marketing and pho restaurant consultant.

I publish LovingPho.com since 2009 to serve as a valuable and unique resource for entrepreneurs and aspiring restaurateurs who want to open their own pho restaurants, but are not sure how and where to start.

If you're an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to open a pho restaurant, then I'm here to help.

You may have some experience in the restaurant business, may have dabbled with making pho at home, or maybe you have absolutely no idea where to start.

Doesn't matter. You have come to the right place for solid information and advice on how to get in the pho restaurant business.

Some pho restaurant owners may blame the economy or the competition for their empty dining rooms. Or maybe they blame their employees or food costs for their failure.

In reality, they fail because they have no plans and don't know how to run the pho business itself.

As in any business, you need a solid plan and great execution if you hope to stand a chance for success.

Running a pho restaurant is no difference. It's not easy work. It's long hours, and you have to satisfy demanding customers everyday. Then after that, there is tough competition and rising food costs to deal with. And don't forget the always tough regulations and increasing minimum wages to deal with.

There are ways to tame these challenges, however, and I will give you the knowledge and tools to overcome them. You will learn how to calculate profits, hit profit goals, and maintain profits for the long term.

So if you've always dreamed of owning your own pho restaurant, have an itch for serving hungry customers with delicious and healthy Vietnamese Pho, and are ready to take the first step to create a clear and detailed plan for your concept, then let's talk.

Book a one-hour consultation below.

We'll go through the steps necessary to design, build and operate a pho restaurant successfully.

In the process, I will give you a good head-start while saving you both time and money to avoid common and costly mistakes.

I will help you through two of the most important phases of opening a pho restaurant:

1. The upfront planning, and

2. The flawless execution.


Concept design, business plan

Financial analysis and pro forma

Branding and logo design

Kitchen design and floor plan

Recipe, menu engineering, cost calculation

Marketing, advertising, social media strategies


Kitchen equipment selection and installation

Vendor management, inventory control

Pho broth cooking/storing/serving

Customer service training

Marketing (website/online/mobile)

Grand opening preparation, ongoing operation


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Consultation in Vietnamese and/or English as you prefer.

You will be booking in your local time zone, based on location of device you’re using.
My location is San Diego, CA, USA (Pacific Time Zone (PT), Western US).

Lovingpho.com, the information resource for Vietnamese pho, pho restaurants, and pho restaurant business.