Learn How to Own a Piece of a New Pho Restaurant Concept

Backed by a solid management team, with established procedures and strict cost control, utilizing authentic recipes, and serving delicious Viet foods.

  • I see people with many pho concepts, some based on great and very unique ideas.
  • I know those unique concepts can become successful pho restaurants.
  • Only if there is proper fundings available. And the knowledge to properly execute the plan.
  • So this is where the opportunities lie.

You send in the form below with your information.

I get in touch with you (via email or telephone, or face-to-face if possible) to discuss your goals and identify strategies that will work best for you.

I review the projects to see if there is opportunity for your involvement.


We draft operating agreement that is acceptable to all parties.

I present to you all project detail, including schedule, projected financials and how the restaurant will be run.

I help facilitate negotiation for ownership and operation considerations of the restaurant.

An agreement is created to ensure everyone's interests are well represented and protected. 


We put the plan to work toward grand opening and beyond.

You are now an owner of a new pho concept!

Owners send in their contributions, and the project follows clear and established project schedule under my strict management.

Owners are kept informed with regular status and project updates throughout the life of the restaurant.

To learn more about owning a piece of the pho restaurant action, fill out and send in the form below. I'll respond within 24 hours.

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