How Much Does It Cost To Open A Pho Restaurant?

Great question!

Opening a pho restaurant is not like buying a mass-produced car, where you can go to a showroom or dealer lot, look at the price tags, and pick one.

Opening a restaurant is more like building a custom car or custom home

It totally depends on what you're looking to do, what you're willing to go through to get it, and whether you can make critical decisions along the way; whether the restaurant, the car, or the home.

In the case of the car, at a minimum, you'll need to clearly specify your requirements , like what you want to use it for, how fast it needs to go (and why), how safe it needs to be, what drivetrain it should have and what its performance should be, how much stuff or people (or both) you intend to carry in it, what interior and exterior amenities you want, plus a multitude of other factors.

You'll even have to specify what tires, wheel rims, and lug nuts you want (brand, size, performance rating, etc.); things that you don't normally have to make decisions on. All this before you can even discuss what color you want the car to have, plus paint and protective coat options. 

I think you get my point.

Back to the restaurant. The fact is, each individual pho restaurant (or any restaurant in general) serves a different master (owner, location, market, customers, etc.), and as a result have different goals and purposes, different menu, different contractor costs, etc. Even if your menu is EXACTLY like another restaurant, that's probably where the similarity ends. Each restaurant has its own variables. 

At the simplest level, typical cost will be in the neighborhood of $50K at the low end to more than $500K at the higher end to build and open a pho restaurant in North America.

 ...Yawn... Most people may have already bailed by now. They'd probably clicked the back button and go waste their time elsewhere.  It's just casual curiosity.

But if you're truly serious about opening your own pho restaurant, and made it this far, then congrats! You understand the issue at hand and are serious enough to search for the right answer the right way.

Serious entrepreneurs need to ask the right questions, and want to acquire concrete answers to make solid business decisions. Serious entrepreneurs always want to know more and ask even more questions,  like: 

  • What's included in the low end $50K cost and what does it buy you?
  • Likewise, why would you want to target the high end (or somewhere in between) and spend more money, and what are you actually getting for that? 
  • And what are the pros and cons, benefits and risks of either of these cost extremes?

Well this is the reason why you want to dig deeper into the detail to understand where you want to be.

Bottom line: if you really want to nail down how much it will cost to open your pho restaurant to meet your goals, then a single number won't help you.

The secret lies in understanding the following statement:

You'll need to think about what you want to do.

Consider, at a minimum, the cost to open a pho restaurant depends on the following factors:

  • The location of your restaurant (neighborhood and market, demographics, age of the building, take over an existing space or build from scratch, etc.)
  • The concept of your restaurant (your menu, how you brand yourself, your service style: quick serve, full table service, or fast casual, etc.)
  • Whether you employ proper technologies and processes (time-saving modern equipment, automated tools and machines, standardized prep and cook procedures, efficient processes for large volume production, social media marketing, utilization of marketing analytics, etc.)
  • How much focus you put on service and providing memorable and unique experience for your customers (simple vs. elaborate ambiance, character, sights and sounds, etc.)

To really estimate the cost to open your pho restaurant, you need to develop your concept well enough at least in the areas above.

And this is where my pho restaurant consulting services come in.

I will help walk you through the process to figure out ALL the numbers:

  • What it takes to develop and create a strong pho restaurant concept,
  • How much it will take to design and build your concept, and
  • What it will take to operate and maintain it at a profit.

Additionally, I will help you avoid costly mistakes in time and money, mistakes that others have made.

I will coach you to become knowledgeable and confident, and never have to play the guessing game again.

I will guide you to learn from others' mistakes and to not repeat them yourself.

I will help you take deliberate, solid steps that get you to grand opening with as little cost in time and money as possible.

If you're ready to do this, then book an appointment below to get started.
I'll work with you to get solid answers to all your questions, and be on a sure path to opening and running a profitable pho restaurant.
According to your own concept.

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