Limited-time offer for new customers!

Get Your FREE Restaurant Website!

The offer:

For a limited time, you can get a new website set up for your restaurant at no charge. All you pay is whatever costs associated with your domain name, any Wordpress theme you may need, and website hosting.​

This offer is for new clients only who orders between now and 5PM PST Friday January 15, 2016.



General information:

To have a live running website, you will generally need the following:

    1. A registered domain name, such as .com, .net, etc.
    2. The website itself, including the Wordpress CMS codes, the theme, and your content.
    3. Hosting and maintenance of your website.

What's included FREE in this offer (a minimum value of $550):

    1. Design and set up your website using Wordpress content management system.
    2. Responsive website that looks great on desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones.
    3. Two hours of training on how to maintain and update your website content after going live.
    4. Go live in 3-5 days after you provide all copy and graphic content.
    5. Your new website includes these 5 webpages: 
    • Home page
    • About page
    • Contact page
    • Menu page
    • Photo gallery
  1. Domain name registration. If you already have a domain name then you can use it for this website, otherwise I can help you obtain a new one, which will range from about $5 to $15 per year depending on the registrar used.
  2. Wordpress theme. Depending on your need, you may or may not need a paid theme, which runs about $70. Having a paid theme is highly recommended and you'll be much happier with the result.
  3. Hosting of your new website. Your website will be hosted through my service at $15 per month or $180 per year with a minimum of one year. Hosting fee is prepaid, and this service includes software updates and maintenance but excludes regular site content updates, which is the responsibility of the restaurant owner.
  4. Optional features. For additional charges, you can choose to integrate advanced features to further monetize and maximize the power of your website. These include search marketing, online advertising, online reservation, online and mobile ordering, customer testimonials, event calendar, social media integration, etc.

To take advantage of this FREE website offer,  please send in the form below. The form must be submitted by 5PM PST Friday January 15, 2016. 

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Remember, offer ends at 5PM PST Friday January 15, 2016 so don't delay, send in the form today!