Designing, Building and Opening Vietnamese Pho Restaurants

Updated 06-26-19. You've come to the right place for information and assistance in opening and operating Vietnamese pho restaurants. Below are examples of the wide range of areas, topics and tools used to help people achieve success in their restaurant businesses. This this will give you a good idea of what's required to open a pho restaurant properly.

Anyone with some money can decide to open their own pho restaurants. The important thing is to do it properly if they want to ensure a sustained business.

When you hear restaurateurs complain about things like "too much work", "too hard to find good employees", "too tough to attain high star ratings", "too long before breaking even", "too difficult to keep food cost down", or "too challenging to maintain pho quality", chances are they haven't properly designed and built their operation before opening.

It's true you can never eliminate 100% of these challenges, but when done properly, there are definite and actionable ways to minimize their negative impact on your business. There is no one size fits all when it comes to restaurant business. I will coach you through all the options available to help you make the right business and profitable decisions for your unique situation.

Regardless of level of experience of the owner and the complexity of the project, there is no shortcut. But there is doing it properly and doing it right the first time. Here are the areas that require close focus throughout the design, building and opening process:

  • Business plan, financial projection/pro forma, profit/loss analysis, and payback strategies,
  • Lease negotiation, business licensing, health and building regulations,
  • Pho kitchen design, floor plan drawing, kitchen equipment selection,
  • Professional pho restaurant operation for profit, how to find and train FOH and BOH staff, how to reduce food & labor costs,
  • Menu design, inventory control, cost control, customer service,
  • Marketing, promotion, customer loyalty programs, dealing with competition.

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