How To Build And Own A Pho Restaurant Franchise

Cuong Huynh Pho restaurant consultant

Hello, I'm Cuong Huynh, marketing and pho restaurant consultant and publisher of

I'm looking for serious partners to help build the first modern pho restaurant franchise in North America.

Working as a Pho Restaurant Consultant, I have my fingers on the pulse of pho operation and new pho concepts everyday.

There are 3 main reasons why new pho restaurants fail:

    • Bad idea
    • Avoidable mistakes
    • Poor execution

    I'm putting together a pho restaurant concept that eliminates all 3 failure points:

    • Eliminate Bad idea
    • I encounter many pho restaurant concepts as people contact me for help implementing their ideas.
    • Many ideas won't make any profit, but many others have excellent potentials.
    • What if there's a concept consisting of only great ideas with high success potentials?
    • Yes this is exactly what I have collected and tested:

    A pho restaurant concept that combines great ideas with excellent success potentials.

    • Eliminate Avoidable mistakes
    • As part of my consulting work, I'm already helping people avoid making avoidable mistakes.
    • Not many realize this, but many mistakes can be avoided even before they happen.
    • Which means the design and build-out process is smooth and cost is kept as low as possible.

    A pho restaurant concept that deploys smoothly through all milestones without costly and time consuming mistakes.

    • Eliminate Poor execution
    • Many believe good idea is everything. The reality is, execution is actually everything.
    • Even with a great idea/concept, poor execution won't get you anywhere. But you can succeed with less-than-great idea/concept if you have great execution
    • Having a good mix of great idea/concept with great execution is the key that I bring to all my pho restaurant projects.

    A pho restaurant concept that employs solid management and execution in every steps of development and operation.

Solid management  • Tight operation & procedures • Strict cost control • Comprehensive staff training • Great customer service • Authentic recipes • Delicious Vietnamese foods

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, then contact me using the form below and I'll  provide all the detail or answer all questions you may have.

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